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Waiting on Love

A Short Film by Clare Mullen


Meet the Magician

Waiting on Love follows a magician who is working as a waiter at Bill’s Confectionary when he notices a man about to propose to his girl.

Our hero tries to make the night extra special by magically producing the engagement ring.

Unfortunately for him, he makes the ring disappear and lands himself in big trouble with the suitor when he can’t find it again.

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Cast and camera 2 (FEP).jpg
Cast and camera 2 (FEP).jpg

Our Story so Far

Waiting On Love was commissioned by the Edmonton International Play the Fool Festival and premiered April 1, 2022.  It then was selected as part of FAVA Fest with a showing in Edmonton June, 2022.  Internationally Waiting on Love is nominated for Best Director at BARCIFF (Barcelona Indie Film Festival) a best short film award at Cotswold International Film Festival (England) and nominated at Imaginarium International Convention and Film Festival (Kentucky USA)

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