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Next Sunday

A new film by Clare Mullen

Film Synopsis

Next Sunday follows 21-year-old Sara, a single mom whose daughter died three months earlier.  Estranged from her parents and finding no support in friends or her dead-end job Sara’s collides with Ted, an older pompous Professor, whose wife happens to be buried near Sara’s daughter. Ted and Sara form an unlikely and somewhat rocky friendship which leads to self-discovery and growth for both. With Ted’s guidance, Sara must decide whether to keep her old friends and old way of life or to build a better life and find forgiveness for those who have hurt her and for herself.  Ted mentors Sara but when she finds out he has a secret that he kept from her Sara feels betrayed.

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About Clare Mullen

Clare Mullen is an award-winning writer, director and actor in theatre and film.  In 2017 Clare won Outstanding New Work for the first iteration of Next Sunday at the Alberta Drama Festival  Association (ADFA).  At the same festival in 2012 she was awarded Outstanding Performer, Best Director and Best Production for her work in Maude Gonne Says No to the Poet. Her short film Homunculus was awarded a Drama Prize from the National Screen Institute of Canada (NSI), a Silver Medal from Austria’s Festival of Nations and nominated for an AMPIA Award in 1994.  More recently Clare produced and stage-managed Minerva Queen of the Handcuffs at Theatre Network’s Roxy Series.  

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